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Mwinyi: Reap from Boxing Return

PRESIDENT Hussein Ali Mwinyi has urged the youth to properly utilise the re-introduced professional boxing to promote Zanzibar after over a half-century game ban.

President Mwinyi made the call over the weekend in Zanzibar during the official inauguration of the re-introduced game in the Isles, the event which was witnessed by hundreds of people who turned up to be part of the historical day at Mao Zedong Stadium in Urban West region.

He said the re-introduction of the sport is another opportunity for the people especially youths to benefit from the sports as they will have the chance to represent Zanzibar in the international boxing showground as well as promote and stimulate Isles tourism via sport tourism.

He further disclosed that the decision of his government to allow the re-introduction of boxing in Zanzibar is based on the opinion of many citizens who requested the return of sport to the Isles.

However, he noted it was not an easy task to bring back the game after it was suspended for more than 50 years.

“Boxing is like any other sport which aims at bringing happiness, entertainment and uniting people together…it is not meant to be a rivalry for the boxers because everything ends in the ring.

“After the game, they (boxers) congratulate one another by shaking hands. It is among the biggest sports in the world and as here in Tanzania,” said President Mwinyi in his official speech.

The re-introduction of the sport which witnessed boxers from Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar battle it to colour the event whereby pugilists Ibrahim Class and Abdallah Pazi (Dulla Mbabe) from Mainland Tanzania sparkled during that special event organised to officially celebrate the return of the sport.

In the main card bout, Class sealed a knockout (TKO) victory in the seventh round over Isles boxer Khamis Muay who raised his right hand a sign that he was not able to withstand strong head punches from his counterpart.

Dulla Mbabe claimed a TKO over Mussa Banja in the first round of the game as the referee opted to end the match after Banja was grounded hence people could not see much from them.

“I could have continued with the fight but the referee did not count and simply decided to put the game to an end… anyway, this is just the beginning, in other upcoming bouts, I will also fight to impress,” Banja remarked.

However, it was not a happy night for Karimu Mandonga (Mtu Kazi) who suffered his third consecutive competitive defeat, and this time, it was the turn of Zanzibar’s Muller Othman who clinched the success on points.

In his immediate reaction after the loss, Mandonga repeated his usual statement that no matter the outcome of the fight, he always celebrates it as a victory, valuing the entertainment he provided over winning or losing.

He also lauded the government of Zanzibar for the big step they have made to give the green light to the return of boxing saying it is a positive move worth to be celebrated.

Source : Daily News