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Romania is Upgrading Its Tanks Based on the T-55

The mechanized troops of the country are currently in a rather deplorable state.

The Romanian Army plans to modernize its fleet of TR-85M1 main battle tanks, which are deeply upgraded T-55s. This was stated by the head of the Armored Vehicles Department of the Armed Forces of Romania, Major Suhan Ionut, speaking at a military conference, reports Janes .

Yonut said that the upgrade will serve to maintain the combat capability of the TR-85M1 nanks and fill the time gap before the adoption of a new type of main battle tank. According to the officer, testing of the updated machine could begin as early as 2024.

Although the scope of the modernization program has not yet been determined, it is expected that it will include platform improvements, as well as the installation of an automatic fire extinguishing system and new gun stabilization devices.

The TR-85M1 is a Romanian-made main battle tank. It is based on the chassis of the TR-77-580 tank, which is a development of the Soviet T-55 combat vehicle. The Romanian Army has 314 TR-85M1 units in service.

Earlier it was reported that Romania is preparing to order American M1A2 Abrams tanks .

Source : ZN,UA