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Tanzania: Isles, Dubai Firm Sign Key Mineral, Power Deals

THE government of Zanzibar and Dubai based Aseel Oilfield Services Limited have signed two Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) focusing towards enhancing power supply in the isles and mineral exploration.

The first MoU is dedicated to the development of a wind farm project, seeking to generate power with a capacity ranging from 20MW to 200MW.

The other focuses on mineral exploration aimed at modernising and enhancing Zanzibar’s exploration capabilities through state-of-the-art equipment and technologies.

The MoUs were signed over the weekend by the Zanzibar Ministry of Water, Energy, and Minerals’ Principal Secretary, Mr Joseph Kilangi, and the Aseel Oilfield Services Limited Group Managing Director Mr Saeed Al Jabry.

In the course, the signing was also witnessed by the Zanzibar Minister for Water, Energy, and Minerals, Mr Hassan Shaibu Kaduara, his deputy, Mr Shaaban Ali Othman, and other senior officials from different sectors.

In the wind farm project, Aseel Oilfield Services Limited along with its partners and technology providers have set aside up to 340 million US dollars (about 830.8bn/-) to facilitate the scheme.

The wind farm project seeks to align with Zanzibar’s commitment to transitioning towards renewable energy sources and addressing the ongoing challenges of power shortages and growing industrial demand.

Speaking on the occasion, Minister Kaduara said that the wind farm will harness the region’s abundant wind resources, hence, reducing dependence on fossil fuels and promoting a greener and more sustainable future.

In his speech, he lauded the exceptional leadership demonstrated by Zanzibar President Dr Hussein Mwinyi, in the development of various sectors, including minerals.

“President Mwinyi’s visionary approach and his efforts to simplify processes have so far attracted investors across various sectors and stimulated economic growth and development in the region,” said Minister Kaduara.

He explained that mineral exploration work is part of the ministry’s effort to open up Zanzibar economically.

“If it is proven that minerals exist in Zanzibar, it will add another important sector to boost Zanzibar’s economy. This signing ceremony not only solidifies the partnership between the ministry and Aseel, but also signifies the mutual commitment to advancing Zanzibar’s mineral exploration and clean energy aspirations,” said Mr Kaduara.

For his part, the Group Chairman of Aseel Oilfield Services Limited, Mr Iman Al Jabry, commended the positive reception from Zanzibar’s government and assured that the project would succeed for the benefit of the nation.

Mr Al Jabry said they will use the advanced instruments and technologies for mineral exploration and wind farm projects.

“These cutting-edge tools will significantly improve the efficiency and accuracy of exploration processes, expediting the identification and extraction of valuable mineral resources while paving the way for a sustainable energy future,” said Al Jabry.

He said the collaboration between the Ministry of Water, Energy and Minerals for Zanzibar and Aseel Oilfield Services Limited marks a significant milestone in the country’s pursuit of sustainable development and economic prosperity.

He said it reaffirms Zanzibar’s dedication to harnessing its abundant natural resources and embracing renewable energy solutions.

“These initiatives are expected to have a positive and lasting impact on Zanzibar’s economic growth, job creation, and environmental sustainability,” he said.

Aseel Oilfield Services Limited, a subsidiary of the Aseel Group of Companies with its headquarters in the United Arab Emirates, is a renowned company actively engaged in mineral exploration and renewable energy activities.

With a strong track record and expertise in the oilfield services industry, Aseel has expanded its operations to focus on mineral exploration and the development of renewable energy projects.

The company’s commitment to excellence, environmental stewardship, and innovation positions it as a key player in these critical industries.

Source: allAfrica