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Bobi Bobev: the Elections in Kosovo Are Legal, but They Are Devoid of Any Representation

For me, these elections are legal, but they are devoid of any representation . This is what the diplomat Bobby Bobev, former ambassador of Bulgaria to Albania and Kosovo, told the BNR. His comment was about the extraordinary partial local elections held last Sunday in Kosovo 

in the 4 municipalities dominated by the Serbian community – Severna Mitrovica, Zvecan, Zubin Potok and Leposavich. Nearly 45,000 people have the right to vote in these municipalities, and Albanians are about 5% of the population there. 13 Serbs voted. 

The result with voter turnout below 4% – mayors from the Albanian minority.According to Bobev, the question here arises as to how a mayor elected with about 100 votes would govern:” 

Things are becoming a travesty . 

How are these mayors going to govern from now on? This means cutting off any connection between the central government and the people living in these areas, through the local government. This line will be broken at every turn.”

There are parody elements in everything that happened there , the diplomat believes. He recalled that the idea for these elections was born after the four mayors left their seats in November. In the program “Saturday 150”, Bobi Bobev emphasized that 

this boycott was expected by Serbian voters . They set their terms:”From a Serbian list, they said that the Serbs in Northern Kosovo, in the 4 municipalities, will participate in the elections, if the already reached agreement on the formation of an Association of Municipalities with a predominantly Serbian population is fulfilled before that.” 

The boycott was absolutely inevitable , he expressed his opinion. And added an example:”There was a Serbian representative who ran for mayor of Leposavich. She received 5-7 votes. The boycott of the Serbs is so strong that even relatives, relatives, friends did not vote for her. The closest people voted for her family circle”.The CEC announced the results officially and a number of instances ruled that the elections were regular and democratically conducted, Bobi Bobev reminded. According to him, there is no minimum threshold in Kosovo legislation, failing which the elections can be valid.According to him, if the issue with the Association of Serbian Municipalities is cleared up, there is some chance that the dialogue will continue positively and have some results. It must be created, he is categorical. The diplomat believes that 

he is playing with the thesis of creating a second Republic of Serbia . “Recently, the pressure from Brussels and Washington to move the dialogue forward, to achieve real results, has intensified. I am sure that both Kurti and Vucic are dissatisfied with such a position,” commented Bobi Bobev. And more:” 

At the moment, the chess pieces are being played at a slightly lower level, but in the end the pressure from Brussels and Washington will not stop, but we are moving in a vicious circle “. “Lying and outplaying exists and it will continue. Who will outplay whom in the end – we know that one can win the battle but lose the war,” he warned.

Source : BNR