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Dr Kijaji Challenges Kilombero Sugar Company on Boosting Sugarcane Production

MOROGORO : INDUSTRY and Trade Minister Ashatu Kijaji has challenged Kilombero Sugar Company Limited (KSCL) to create more conducive environment for encouraging farmers to increase production of sugarcane.

She made statement recently when visited the estate accompanied by Morogoro Regional Commissioner Adam Malima and other government officials.

It was her first visit to the factory, where she had the opportunity to witness production of sugar and ethanol at the existing mills as well as see the progress of the expansion project, which is currently at 60 per cent completion.

The Minister stated that the country has five large sugar-producers but the KSCL accounts for 26 per cent of the total sugar production in the country.

Dr Kijaji applauded the company for their work and investment into expansion project which will further position the company as the largest sugar producer in the country and in the East African region.

“… I congratulate the Kilombero Sugar Company management and the investors for the outstanding work being done … they produce 26 per cent of all the sugar used in the country,” said Minister Kijaji.

Furthermore, the Minister commended the significant progress in the construction of the new factory, which will further enhance sugar production at the company from the current 126,000 tonnes to 271,000 tonnes per year.

The construction of this factory, costing over 566bn/-, will provide a stable market for sugarcane farmers in the area.

Currently, the company processes 600,000 tonnes of sugarcane sourced from Kilombero growers, and an additional 900,000 tonnes will be required to feed the mills after the completion of the new factory.

Mr Malima praised the strategies implemented by the factory’s management, including providing education to farmers through extension officers to improve yields among Kilombero sugarcane growers.

Company’s Managing Director Guy Williams expressed gratitude to the government for creating an enabling environment for investment, which enabled the Company to invest in the expansion project.

The project, which is expected to be completed by July 2024, aims to contribute to the government’s agenda of sugar self-sufficiency in the country by 2025.

Source : Daily News