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High Hopes Placed on 5G Technology

TANZANIA : INFORMATION technology experts and economists have expressed enthusiasm on the launching of Airtel 5G and 2Africa Cable Landing Station, saying the uptake of the new internet service generation and the communications facility into the country’s digital ecosystem will promote economic growth.

They were of the view that the new internet service generation and an electronic communications facility launched on Friday will also act as a pathway towards realisation of goals outlined in the national agenda.

A digital ecosystem is a set of technologies that work together to provide people with information. It is like a network of digital devices that work together to provide users with information.

The experts suggested that reaching the above milestones will involve taking full potential of the fifth-generation technologies, but insisting that such IT development requires the right infrastructure and processes.

Commenting on the new development unfolding in the communication sector, a seasoned Economist-cum-banker, Dr Hildebrand Shayo said widespread adoption of the technologies in the country’s digital ecosystem will lead to economic growth “With increased connectivity and faster speeds than ever, the transition holds the potential to completely alter how we engage with technology, machinery and software,” said Dr Shayo.

He noted that recent studies assessing the impact of 5G technology in comparison to earlier ones indicate that much bigger impact will be created on the global economy than any previous iterations, estimated to contribute approximately 13 trillion US dollars in output globally by 2035.

Dr Shayo added: “In Tanzania the manufacturing sector will benefit the most from this revelation, as the economy is predicted to top the charts within the East African region, prompted by ongoing infrastructure investment implemented in the country.

” With peak data transmission rates of 20 gbps and incredibly low latency, he said 5G networks is going to be substantially quicker than previous networks, noting countless uses in a variety of sectors, including manufacturing, healthcare, education, agriculture, logistics, and entertainment.

According to him, mobile based services will quickly enter the elite category of general-purpose technologies, joining the likes of electricity and automobiles, which provide the groundwork for vast innovation, create new industries, and boost entire economies.

He said such will occur as 5G transforms mobile into a single fabric connecting people to everything, rather than just a collection of technologies connecting individuals to information and one another.

He said the impact of 5G on the economy of Tanzania will be considerable, and it will give an extra boost to the fourth industrial revolution with the acceleration of the Internet of Things (IoT).

“Being fast and reliable real-time data transfer, the technology is massively going to benefit the sensors and control units installed in facilities, machines, and logistics chains across industries,” noted the economist.

A lecturer with the University of Dodoma, Dr Meserecordias Lema revealed that rolling out of the fifth generation technology will increase efficiency in service delivery, citing examples of revenue collection and health service delivery.

Dr Lema also singled out increased accountability particularly in public institutions as everything is identified in real time. He said every new technology comes with its pros and cons, adding that it was critical that the country’s policies and laws are aligned with the change in technology.

“As the government puts efforts to promote investment of new technologies in the country, public officials should not be scared from embracing the change…every institution needs to have focal persons to champion these changes,” he said.

For his part, Acting Head of Information and Communication Technology and Statistics Unit at Tanzania Standard (Newspapers) Ltd, Mr Gaspar Sango noted that the new communication technology will bring major reforms in the agriculture, health, education and the country’s economy.

Mr Sango revealed that through the technology, a patient in the rural-Tanzania can obtain specialised services, the same applies in other sectors like agriculture, education and among others.

“In order to take full potential of the fifth-generation technology, our institutions and all ecosystems should be ready and prepared for the adoption by having the right infrastructure and devices to support the digital revolution and arrive at the inclusive digital economy that the country aspires to,” stated Mr Sango.

A lecturer of economics at the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM), Prof Humphrey Moshi was of the view that Tanzania will be able to realise its agricultural drive goals by engaging in productive farming, thereby speeding up the country’s development.

“The task ahead of us is to ensure that these advancements are used to tap into various opportunities which will lead to people’s development and a boost into the economy,” said Prof Moshi. He said to reach full potential, the experts suggested that training institutions should have in place curriculum that will prepare youths among other groups to take advantage of the technology.

They equally advocated for the investment in strengthening the security as well as putting in place right accountability systems to bring to book all those engaging in internet fraud.

Source : Daily News