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Kenya Bids to Increase Forest Cover by 3% in Next Ten Years

Kenya’s current forest cover currently stands at about 7%, but the government has set aside more than 80 million US dollars this financial year, as it bids to increase tree cover to more than 10%.

Chief of Staff and Head of Public Service, Felix Koskei, encouraged Nairobi natives to plant trees in order to achieve the target of 30% forest cover in the capital.

“We have a target of 15 billion trees in ten years, meaning that we should be at 1.5 billion trees per year. Nairobi county needs to grow between 10 and 15 million trees in ten years. We have to be out there, to play our part and be part of the history that will not only grow the forest or the cover from 12.3% that we have today to 30% in ten years,” shared Mr. Koskei.

Climate change is worsening droughts in the Horn of Africa, where rains have failed for five seasons in a row.

Michael Kisangi, CEO of Sol of Africa Tours and Travel, says trees are a vital part of the country’s wildlife.

“It is a great opportunity for everyone, even Kenyans to get an opportunity to plant trees because we have got to take care of our environment, especially doing it here in the park, is the most critical place to be, because it is where we have the wildlife and trees are part of the wild. So we are taking care of the environment, and for sure it will give back to us.”

Kenya continues to suffer from an illegal logging and trade in many of its forests that are vital to the country’s water catchment areas.

Trees store carbon, one of the main drivers of global warming.

In contrast, deforestation accelerates climate change: it halts plant photosynthesis, so the trees are no longer taking up carbon.

It’s also often accompanied by burning, which releases a lot of carbon dioxide.

Kenya’s President has made the National Landscape and Ecosystem Restoration Program a priority since assuming the presidency in September 2022.

His plans drew praises from King Charles III, who was in Kenya last week for his first visit to an African nation since he ascended the throne last year.

Source : Africa News