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Magufuli Legacy Lives on as New Book Launched

AFRICA Magufuli and Change is the new book on Fifth-Phase President  the late John Magufuli, which encourages African countries to follow his footsteps, especially on fighting for economic freedom.

The St Augustine University of Tanzania (SAUT) launched the book, which was written as an integrated approach in abolishing Africa’s modern economic slavery, on Saturday evening.

The book, authored by Malawian Professor Malango Chinthenga is fact-centric and research based. It is a tool kit for passionate development practitioners for African renaissance.

Prof Chinthenga, who is the Director of Academic Affairs, Research and Publication from University of Hebron in Malawi further said African leaders have the capacity to remove the vice in the continent.

On his part, Dar es Salaam Catholic Church Auxiliary Bishop Stephano Musomba, while representing Archbishop Jude Ruwa’ichi at the launching event, said the book should not be politicised, but wholly taken as an academic reformation to help the youth and African leaders to understand changes in the continent, as they struggle to attain economic freedom.

“Economic freedom is the basic freedom of mankind and that is what we need to attain in most of our African countries and we need to reform our minds and make changes as an outcome of the knowledge attained from the book,” he pointed out.

Elaborating, the prelate noted that the book speaks volumes on the true freedom and things, which determine it in most of African countries, should be worked on towards the goal.

He added: “This book is for reading and attaining the knowledge that Professor Chinthenga aims to share with us and not just buy it and put it in the shelves, but make use of it and ask yourself after reading it, what have I learnt? What is it that I have to do? And where the knowledge gained will take you in the way you think about things that are around you.”

Principal of the Jordan University College, Professor David Mapunda, on behalf of the SAUT management, said the book recalls the legacy of the late President Magufuli in making a lot of developments in Tanzania and Africa, adding that such have been seen and recognised by many people around the world for the change.

“What he did for Tanzania has an impact beyond Tanzania and the author of this book is one of the witnesses from Africa and appreciates the contribution of President Magufuli (the late), not only what he did for Tanzania, but for other countries also,” said Prof Mapunda.

Prof Mapunda said that the lessons from the book will help in changing the sons and daughters of Africa on what is supposed to be done for the continent, especially on the awareness on the stipends of colonialism in the past 60 to 70 years from political colonialism of Africa.

He said the author of the book, Prof  Chinthenga equally thanked the wife of the late President Magufuli for her strong and keen support on the contribution to make sure the fifth phase government was smoothly sailing.

Prof Chinthenga said, “It took me six years to complete writing the book that I hope will bring change in many people’s minds and that they will see things in another dimension… and the book is about the knowledge and experiences from different countries in Africa which saw and learnt from the goals and spirit of Dr Magufuli and his ability to bring change.”

He said things that made him to write the book about Africa, Magufuli and Change is the determinations that were seen from the late Dr Magufuli, adding that the changes he made in a single term during his reign ought to be followed by other African leaders so that the continent realises economic freedom, which is a big problem in most countries in Africa.

Source : Daily News