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Mwinyi Urges Students to Prioritise Their Studies

ZANZIBAR: PRESIDENT Hussein Ali Mwinyi has urged students to prioritise their studies and refrain from participating in public gatherings without a valid reason.

Dr Mwinyi issued the warning on Monday at the State House during an event to recognise the top students in Form IV and Form VI in the 2022/2023 national examinations, who achieved first division scores.

A total of 1,031 Form IV and Form VI students gathered at the Mnazi Mmoja based State House, where Dr Mwinyi congratulated them for their excellent performance.

The Isles leader rewarded the students with scholarships for further studies at higher learning institutions in Zanzibar and Mainland Tanzania, laptops and a lunch with him.

“I am very happy with your performance, which is a result of your personal commitment, the hard work of your teachers, the initiatives of your parents and the ongoing reforms in the education sector by the government,” Dr Mwinyi said.

He urged the students, parents, teachers, and the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training to strengthen collaboration in order to improve the learning environment and achieve good performance in all schools.

“Our goal should be quality education, producing good graduates and ensuring that no student receives a failing grade,” he stated.

The president promised to continue providing laptops to each top student as a modern learning tool. He also promised to increase the allocation of funds for the education sector in the annual budget and hire more skilled teachers in science subjects and mathematics.

“We should be proud of the good results in schools as the government continues with reforms, which include improving the welfare of teachers, constructing new multi-storey buildings for classrooms, offices, libraries and ICT rooms, and providing school laboratories for practical learning,” he said.

Dr Mwinyi informed the gathering that education is among the government’s priorities, which is why it is investing sufficient funds in education infrastructure.

“This is because almost every sector relies on education for development. If we have a poor education system, achieving development goals will not be possible.”

A similar event to reward the top students was organised on Pemba Island on November 2nd this year, where 1,451 students were given laptops after having lunch with the President. He also emphasised the collective responsibility of teaching students, promoting good behaviour among children and ensuring a modern curriculum is in place.

The Minister of Education and Vocational Training, Ms Lela Muhamed Mussa, thanked the government for prioritising education, which includes the construction of modern buildings and the motivation of teachers and students, leading to good performance in exams.

The Ministry’s Principal Secretary, Mr Khamis Abdulla Said, explained that female students were among the top in the 2022/2023 exams. He wished the best of luck to the Form IV students who began their National Ordinary Level examinations yesterday.

Source : Daily News