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Pemba Set to Attract More Investments

Pemba, ZANZIBAR: Minister of State in the President’s Office (Labour, Economy and Investments) Mr Mudrik Ramadhan Soraga has said that the construction of Karume Airport in Pemba and the main road from Chakechake to Wete in the cloves Island will further open doors for investment in various fields including tourism sector.

“Work on the development projects is progressing well … This means a lot to Pemba in terms of tackle climate change,” said Mr Soraga here at Migombani area where he officiated at the launching of Cocco lagoon housing project and bangaloo.

He said that improved infrastructure services would clear the way for tourism growth and improvement of transport services, given the fact that many investors have started eyeing to invest in Pemba.

“Improved roads remain important in connecting areas of Pemba to industries, farms, hotels, seaports and airport, boosting economic growth and trade,” the minister said.

He also explained that when Pemba has modern international airport, the number of tourists will increase as bigger airlines will directly and conveniently use it.

Mr Soraga said that already 1.4tr/- has been solicited for the construction of roads in Pemba and Unguja, measuring 103 km in total and the airport in Pemba.

“The construction of the roads is underway by Mwananchi Engineering Construction Company (MECCO), beginning with Chake Chake/Wete road which will connect the two regions of North and South regions of Pemba, easing transport services.

Soraga argues that within the next short period of time, Zanzibar (Unguja and Pemba) will open up economically, an opportunity for social development and bringing changes to peoples’ welfare.

However, he said there was a need for coming up with early strategies to increase production of food and marine products due to the growth of the tourism industry   to avoid relying on the products from outside the islands.

“Zanzibaris and hotels still rely more on goods imported from Tanzania Mainland and abroad, it is important to increase quality of products at home while also having better infrastructure for the importation of the required items and commodities,” Mr Soraga said.

Mr Salim Muhammed from condominium board, who is overseeing the implementation of the Cocco lagoon housing project and bangaloo said the project will help increase youth employment opportunity and promote the investment sector in Zanzibar.

He said the houses under construction at Wambaa in South Pemba Region will be registered so that people can benefit from the implementation of the government strategy of attracting investments that spur economic growth.

“This housing project started in Pemba and the condominium board will give the beneficiaries the title deeds. This has also opened a new door to investment in the island of Pemba,” he added.

Mr Jakub Kazmierczak, Cocco Lagoon’s Sales and Operations Manager, said 24 homes have been sold since the start of the initial sale of the units.

“Our homes are properly designed to match the natural beauty of Pemba while providing unparalleled enthusiasm for world-class amenities and attention to detail, Cocco lagoon is preparing to transform luxury life on the island of Pemba,” the manager said.

He said that all the investments, considered environmental conservation and resource protection, aimed to boost Zanzibar’s economy and promote the island’s international tourism sector.

Source : Daily News