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Stop! PM Tells Land Surveying Companies

DODOMA: PRIME Minister Kassim Majaliwa has ordered strict legal action to be taken against all companies that failed to complete land surveying exercises in Dodoma City and all other cities in the country.

He made the order yesterday during the working session for the executives of all six cities in the country — Dar es Salaam, Mwanza, Arusha, Mbeya, Tanga and Dodoma.

A working session which was held in the Premier’s office located in Mlimwa, Dodoma intended to discuss and find solutions to the chronic land disputes that engulf the mentioned cities.

“All companies that have been given the task of land surveying in Dodoma City and have failed to complete the work, whether they had contracts or not, strict legal action should be taken against them,” the Premier underlined.

Mr Majaliwa added “One of those measures is to blacklist them because these companies exist, let’s use trustworthy and credible companies, instead of using companies that cause disputes,” he said.

He said majority of the land surveying companies in Dodoma are owned by civil servants.

“We have realised that many land surveying companies here in Dodoma are owned by government employees as stated in the report…the city director had two companies, the accountant owns the company and they use them in land surveying, so it’s their projects,” he added.

Mr Majaliwa instructed Regional Commissioners (RCs) to ensure that all officers, including city planning officers, councils and municipalities to avoid using part-time employees in conducting land surveying, to plug corruption loopholes.

The PM also ordered the search and arrest of part -time employees who are carrying government documents and selling plots on behalf of city officials.

“Justin Albert, Freddy Mathias, Elias and Magige should be arrested, investigated by the government organs regarding the possession of government documents. They should return government documents they are misusing by continuing to sell plots in various areas of Dodoma City, including Green Zone, Mkonze, Ndachi, Chinyika, Ng’ong’ona and Mkalama.” he pointed out

“The trio are part-time employees, but they have in their possession various documents, including maps of surveyed land and they know all plots, what they do is to sell the plots and collude with unscrupulous city fathers to process the title deeds,” said Mr Majaliwa.

He also ordered the trio to be traced and the documents confiscated, so that they do not continue to sell plots.

The government is continuing to make various efforts to end persistent land conflicts as the Ministry of Land, Housing and Human Settlement Development recently assured Members of Parliament of its commitment to end land disputes by surveying the entire land of the country and encouraging its proper use.

Winding up the debate for the budget estimates of her docket, the then Minister for Land, Housing and Human Settlement Development, Angelina Mabula said her office will embark on a massive land mapping programme in this financial year to address the growing land conflicts.

She said the ministry is well organised to end land disputes and prevent the occurrence of new ones by speeding up the surveying process.

Source : Daily News