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TADB Turns Around Rice Farmers’ Society

TANZANIA Agricultural Development Bank (TADB) has dished out some 1.70bn/- to Ruvu Irrigation Cooperative Society (CHAURU) to boost rice production.

The Coast region-based cooperative union between 2018 and last year has received various loans to improve areas such as infrastructures, purchasing tractors and agricultural inputs. The loan bore some fruits including pushing up yields per acre from 15 sacks of rice to 30 sacks.

TADB’s Principal Business Officer Mr Kezilahabi Jumanne said the cooperative society’s overall cultivation capacity also increased from 4.0 tonnes before the loan to 6.5 tonnes this year.

“The secured loan from the bank has enabled the cooperation to make great strides as they have been able to increase their level of productivity,” Mr Jumanne told reporters during the lender tour to some of its customers.

For members of Chauri in Visezi village, Vigwaza ward, and Chalinze the loan helped to increase the farming area by over 70 per cent from 420 to 720 hectares.

CHAURU’s Chairman Mr Sadala Chacha said despite the success registered, the society still faces numerous challenges mainly poor rice drying methods.

“We are still using the traditional method of drying rice that does not guarantee the best quality…Plans are underway to procure a modern technology that assures a good quality,” said Mr Chacha.

Additionally, the society is facing a stiff and limited market outreach since it only relies on nearby markets of Coast, Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar.

“We are planning to go as wide as the whole country such that by 2030, others could see us as an example,” the chairman said.

The CHAURU membership increased from 160 to 900 members thanks to the TADB loan.

Source : Daily News