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Tanzania: Crackdown on Uninsured Vehicles in Zanzibar City Underway

THE Zanzibar Insurance Corporation (ZIC) with support from Tanzania Insurance Regulatory Authority (TIRA) have launched a crackdown on uninsured vehicles, targeting Zanzibar City, which accommodates large number of cars and motorists.

The announcement was made here over the weekend by the Urban District Commissioner, Mr Rashid Simai Msaraka, who said the exercise that began on Sunday, June 25, would not spare any car, including vehicles owned by the government and people-related to bigwigs.

He said issuance of the insurance services will be carried out for prompt payment as efforts to help drivers who may be ready to have their case resolved, emphasising drivers to have their cars or motorbikes insured because it is a legal requirement or risk cars to be seized and drivers or owners prosecuted and fined.

“We want all cars and motorbikes registered and insured as stipulated in the ‘Third Party Motor Vehicle Decree of 1953; Zanzibar Road Transports Act of 2004 and Zanzibar Government Motor Vehicle Act of 2014, among others. People must comply,” Mr Msaraka stressed.

He said that according to data released in March this year, 46 per cent of 265,000 registered vehicles are uninsured, denying the government revenue.

“Particular focus will be Urban District where almost all vehicles stop or pass to other destinations,” the DC emphasised.

In a meeting that involved insurance agents and Journalists, Mr Msaraka vowed to leave-no-stone unturned in ensuring all vehicles are insured, as he asked authorised insurance dealers also to carry out wide public awareness so that all vehicles are insured.

He said some security forces from Zanzibar special department (Vikosi) will be selected and trained to join the police in the planned crackdown, “I ask relatives and friends of the drivers who default the law not to call me asking for mercy.”

Mr Mohamed Khamis Ameir- Manager, TIRA-Zanzibar office said “We want to ensure that all vehicles operating in the Islands have genuine insurance while, the TIRA deputy Commissioner Ms Khadija Issa Said emphasized on compliance to the laws/regulations”.

Source: allAfrica