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Tanzania supports Türkiye’s peace efforts, says President Samia Suluhu Hassan

Tanzania’s President Samia Suluhu Hassan said Thursday that her country supports Türkiye’s efforts to find peaceful solutions to international disputes.

“We also support the urgent call for a cease-fire for the benefit of Gazans. Additionally, we support the unimpeded access of humanitarian aid,” Hassan said at a news conference at Türkiye’s Presidential Complex following a meeting with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Ankara.

Hassan noted that she was warmly welcomed in Türkiye and thanked the country.

She said Tanzania reiterates its commitment to enhancing beneficial relations between the two countries.

“Türkiye is indeed a valuable partner and my visit here confirms how much we value this partnership. We discussed with great satisfaction the progress made in various sectors during our bilateral meeting,” she said.

Hassan stated that Erdogan and she discussed enhancing diplomatic and economic cooperation, especially in the production and social sectors.

She stressed that relations will contribute to the growth of both economies.

“I expressed my thanks to Türkiye in terms of bilateral cooperation. I thanked them for their development support and their support for the education and health sectors in our country. I especially thanked them for their critical support for infrastructure and human capital development,” she said.

Both leaders signed six memoranda of understanding, according to the Tanzanian president.

“Expertise and knowledge from Türkiye are currently being transferred to Tanzania, including our most important projects. Among these projects are the railway project, the standard gauge railway project, and I reiterated Tanzania’s support for the success of these projects, and with their implementation, we will progress towards our development goals. Our ministers, experts, and teams will come together to form a framework and establish the framework for cooperation in agreed-upon areas,” she said.

‘We support Türkiye’s efforts in finding peaceful solutions’

Hassan expressed her pleasure at hosting the Tanzania-Türkiye Joint Economic Commission (JEC) meeting, and that Tanzania plans to communicate with the private sector and actors in Türkiye regarding cooperation in trade and investment.

She also noted that Tanzania will hold a meeting in Istanbul on Friday focusing on three main messages.

“One of them is the significant investments made by Turkish investors and businesses in our country. Secondly, we will emphasize the investments Tanzanian businesses can make, the strategic market position they can offer, and strategic market opportunities, so that Turkish companies can do more business with us,” she said.

Hassan noted that discussions will be held on transportation, the blue economy, manufacturing, agriculture and tourism.

She added that Tanzania exchanged views with Erdogan on important regional and global issues

Hassan thanked Erdogan for his condolences regarding the deaths of eight school-aged children in Tanzania from heavy rains.

She stated that a very fruitful meeting with Erdogan reached important conclusions.

“I am sure that with our joint efforts, Tanzania and Türkiye will continue their strong and effective partnership based on common values,” she said, as she invited Erdogan to Tanzania.

Source: AA