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Ethiopia Says Government Committed to Preservation of Human Rights

The Ethiopian Foreign Ministry on Friday said that the government is committed to the preservation of human rights in the Horn of Africa country.

The ministry statement, which seems to be a response to the UN report warning of a “very real and imminent risk of atrocity crimes” in Ethiopia, said that Addis Ababa has been working to ensure accountability, reconciliation, healing, and truth telling through a credible, nationally-owned and driven transitional justice mechanism that meets international standards.

“After robust, intensive and participatory process, the Transitional Justice Policy is in its final stage,” said the Foreign Ministry.

The Transitional Justice Policy is expected to be endorsed by the Cabinet in a few weeks, according to the statement.

The statement comes three days after UN experts warned “imminent risk of atrocity crimes” in Ethiopia.

The report by the UN’s International Commission of Human Rights Experts on Ethiopia found that all eight of the common risk factors and the majority of the specific risk factors for atrocity crimes are now present in Ethiopia.

The report also warned that nearly a year following the ratification of the peace agreement between the Ethiopian government and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front, the prevailing human rights conditions in the country continue to be deeply concerning.

The UN report also expressed alarm over the deteriorating situation in the Amhara region, including emerging reports of extrajudicial killings and mass arrests in the region.

It said war crimes and crimes against humanity have been committed in Ethiopia since Nov. 3, 2020.

The report also alleged the ongoing presence of Eritrean forces in Ethiopia, and continuing atrocities against civilians, in particular rape and other forms of sexual violence.

Source : AA