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Z’bar Govt Outlines Measures to Control Land Erosion

TREE planting and construction of waterproof walls are some of the strategies that Zanzibar is applying to control land erosion, the House of Representative was told here yesterday.

Minister of State, First Vice-President’s Office Harusi Said Suleiman told the house that the government has devised and executed various strategies to mitigate the impacts of climate change in the country, citing construction of waterproof walls and planting of mangroves.

She said the walls were constructed at Micheweni’s Msuka area in Pemba; Forodhani; Panza, Kilimani and Kojani islands to reduce the speed of ocean water.

The minister was answering a question by Kiembesamaki Representative Suleiman Haroub Suleiman who wanted to know the government strategy to reduce the impacts of climate change, citing erosion along the beaches as one of the serious problems.

Minister Harusi further said the government has issued guidelines on the construction of waterproof walls to hotel investors. Five Unguja-based hotels–Tui Blue at Pwani Mchangani; Matlai at Michamvi; Irina at Jambiani Kibigija; Jambo Beach Night Club at Paje; and Fata Morgana Beach at Bwejuu were allowed to erect walls.

The minister told the house that the Zanzibar Green Legacy Programme, which provides for tree planting among others, is helping the country to restore its nature, including the beaches.

Source : Daily News