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The Eu Will Continue to Import Grain and Food From Ukraine

The European Union (EU) has reached an agreement with the member countries that prohibit the import of food and grain from Ukraine, to continue the supply of these products. 

This was shared by Valdis Dombrovskis, vice president of the European Commission, on his profile on social networks, after a meeting with the representatives of Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Slovakia, who are against the import of agricultural products from Ukraine and have introduced measures against it. 

“We reached an agreement. The EU Commission reached an agreement in principle with Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia on Ukrainian agricultural and food products.” Dombrovskis said they have found a solution to ease the worries of farmers in EU countries neighboring Ukraine. 

Dombrovskis pointed out that the parties, which have applied unilateral measures against Ukrainian products under the agreement, will end this and said that these countries can apply exceptional safeguard measures for wheat, corn, canola and sunflower. 

Indicating that 100 million euros of financial support will be given to farmers affected by Ukrainian products in 5 countries, Dombrovskis noted that Ukrainian products will be exported to other EU countries. About the process After the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian war and the impossibility of making deliveries from the Black Sea ports for a long time, a significant amount of Ukrainian grain and food products began to be sent to the countries of Eastern and Central Europe by land. 

A large amount of agricultural production from Ukraine entered the markets of the bordering countries of Poland, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and nearby Bulgaria. Relatively cheap Ukrainian grain and food products have upset producers in these countries. 

Farmers in the countries of the region have long been demanding an end to cheap agricultural products from Ukraine. These countries decided last week to impose a temporary ban on grain and food from Ukraine. 

The EU Commission also prepared a plan to address the concerns of countries that ban grain imports from Ukraine, providing additional support to farmers if the products are allowed to transit, and restricting some Ukrainian products.

Source : TRT