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The Presidents of the Czech Republic and Slovakia Are on a Joint Visit to Kyiv

Slovak President Zuzana Chaputova and her Czech counterpart Petar Pavel today in Kyiv. Photo: Chaputova's official Facebook account.

The new Czech President Petar Pavel and the President of Slovakia Zuzana Chaputova arrived in Kyiv today on a joint visit, DPA reported, citing the news agencies of the two countries.

The two leaders plan to talk with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Their visit comes at a time when Russia has carried out another shelling of Russian cities, including the capital Kiev.

The Czech Republic and Slovakia have been among the strongest political and military supporters of Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian invasion. Slovakia provided its air defense missile systems to Ukraine shortly after the start of the Russian invasion, and a year later it also became the first EU and NATO member state to send fighter jets to Kiev.

Chaputova visited Ukraine at the end of May 2022 at Zelensky’s invitation. Then, in addition to Kyiv, she was also in two liberated cities in the region, which suffered heavily as a result of the conflict. For Czech President Pavel, this is the first trip to Ukraine since he took office on March 9.

On Facebook, Chaputova wrote that her visit to Ukraine together with the president of the Czech Republic is a new era in the cooperation between them.

Source: bta.bg